Your Favorite Shirt – Part 5, Now on Amazon

I have 5 Borrow Lucid (unisex) shirts left, 1 Small, 2 Large, and 2 X-Large in men’s, fair trade, 100% organic cotton, with digital water base print.

I thought you’d appreciate the safety of buying from a respected third party, so you can get your favorite shirt on Amazon.  Unless, you’re having trouble with that, then just send me a message or something.  We’ll figure it out.

(btw, my model, and niece, is a creative genius, just saying)


Your Favorite Shirt Part 4

Your Favorite Shirt, Part 1

The design is too small.  I need to see what the local printer can do.  Kickstarter Campaign coming soon.


I saw a key, took pictures of my hand holding it, played around with the pictures until I liked one, exported the picture to another format, added the words ‘Borrow Lucid’, bought an organic cotton, fare trade t shirt, printed the design on iron on paper from a local craft store, ironed the print onto the shirt, washed it, laid it out to dry, put it on, and took this picture.


Borrow Lucid


“I don’t own emotion, I rent.” Jonathan Larson, Rent

“unwilling suspension of disbelief”  Jed McKenna, Dreamstate: A Conspiracy Theory