SeaChange Explained – from Discovering Anti-Oxidants to Protadim

There’s a video of Dr. Joe McCord explaining the science from when he co-discovered the first known anti-oxidant to when he made Protandim.  It’s 46 minutes long, a scientist talking about science-y studies for 46 minutes.  Don’t worry, I turned it into a story…

Dr Joe McCord









An alien lands on earth and sees lots of garbage trucks.  (The alien is the scientists, the trucks are anti-oxidants, and the garbage is free radicals derived from metabolizing oxygen.)

The alien notices that some places have lots of trucks that move on regular schedules.  Other places have one, or two trucks that come, and go irregularly.

The alien follows the trucks to the landfill and sees the garbage pouring out of the trucks.

Some trucks come from places with lots of garbage and others from places with only small amounts of garbage.

The alien notices that as long as the trucks can keep up with the garbage produced, the place stays beautiful.  But, if the place produces more garbage than the trucks can handle then the place gets ugly.

The alien adjusts the amount of trucks in different places, taking some trucks away and bring more trucks in, checking to see if it effects the beauty.  It does.

Protandim is when the alien, 35 years after landing on earth, reminds people how more trucks, using clean burning fuel, taking the garbage to recycling and composting centers, can prevent and treat all sorts of ugly.

This is what really happened:  Dr. McCord at SeaChange

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