Women United for Change

Last summer, I realized that as a single mom I’m really going to have to learn about money if I want my son to use this tool wisely.  I’ve been reading some books, like The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich Hayek, trying to get, if only, a surface understanding of economics.  And, my personal study is feeding into that question about how to put money back in the hands of real people, not paper people, or licensed people, or business with the same rights as people, but the people I can actually have a conversation with, the people with whom I can share a pot of beans, with warm corn tortillas and fresh pico de gallo.

Well, I found this:  Women United for Change.  They educate women all over the world about money.  The graduates of this program are even loaning to each other, so they can actually start their own businesses.

I don’t expect one non-profit to be the only solution, but this one seems like a good one.  And, I’m not done searching.  I’ll share my discoveries with you.  I hope that you’ll share your discoveries with me.


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