Riding On Insulin

In fall 2012, I attended one of those diabetes conferences at one of those big conference facilities, in San Diego.  It was a few months after my son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  Meaning, his body killed the cells in his pancreas that make insulin.  At this conference, I met Mollie Busby.

Mollie was manning the ROI booth.  Maybe, she could see my distress.  I was pretty useless, trying to learn everything and trying not to cry.  Maybe, she’s just a nice person.  Either way, she let me talk with her, and another young lady for maybe half an hour.

ROI, Riding On Insulin, is a traveling snowboarding, skiing, and bicycling camp for kids, and teens with type 1 diabetes.  You may think, why do that?  But, for a camp, or a school to accept these kids into their program they need a nurse.  I’m assuming it has something to do with insurance and liability.  But, definitely a limitation for these kids.

Imagine, going to the snow, surrounded by kids with the disease that you probably don’t want to think about, supported by coaches who either have the disease themselves or have gone out of their way to know how to care for and respond to the effects of the disease, while learning a sport you might never try otherwise. ROI is giving more than snowboarding lessons.

For more info, or to support ROI here is their website.

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