Ken Wilber’s Super Human Blessing

“May beings recognize all of the wondrous dimensions through which their great perfection shines radiantly and eternally.  The four quadrants where every I, and every we, and every it is seen as an inherent aspect of each and every moment, as Spirit’s radical being and becoming.  The eight levels of altitude itself where manifest Spirit transcends and includes everything that previously was, always going beyond what went before.  The many magnificent lines of development where different brilliance of ever present great perfection shines a different skillful means to the liberation of all.  The five major states of being where Spirit, having throw itself outward to magnificently create the entire universe, evolves back to its own super abundant, formless, and shocking self realization.  The limitless types where the great perfection demonstrates its own face as a multi-faceted diamond, reflecting countless rays of radiant sunshine in all the known directions.  When all these dimensions are recognized, one’s great perfection brings not only an infinite freedom from all things without exception, but a radiant fullness, embracing each and every one with infinite love, and care, and thus awakening to its own true nature, which is the nature of each and every sentient being with none left out at all.  We realize there are no others to save, for each and every one is always already enlightened, now until the ends of the worlds.”  Ken Wilber

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