Vegan Pancakes With Berry Syrup


Phoenix, my eight-year-old son, and I house sat for a lovely family.  They are vegan.  While they didn’t request that I cook vegan, I said that I could respect their kitchen.  Our first morning there, I made vegan pancakes.  (Yep, that’s them in the photo!)

I basically just made exchanges for eggs, milk, and butter and adjusted the balance to create a constancy I could work with.  Flax is an easy egg replacement.  Just let the ground seeds soak in some water to get that goupy, sticky texture.  I use flax milk instead of cow milk, mostly because my son likes the taste.  It also has lots of omega-3, but so does hemp milk.  For butter, just don’t even try to get that flavor.  Imitation is regrettable.  I use grape seed oil.  It has a fairly high smoke point and is high in polyunsaturated fats.  If you want a thick, hearty pancake, I ‘milled’ rolled oats in a blender.  It adds some insoluble fiber.

Now what you’re really looking at is that bright, red syrup, huh.  All that is is frozen berries, packed with anti-oxidants.  I just dumped a bunch in a sauce pan, put it on a small burner, and let it cook down.  It takes a while, so start that before anything else.  Well, maybe start the coffee, or tea first, but then the berries.  And, let them cook until you’re done with everything else, just stirring here, and there with a wooden spoon.

Blessed Yule!  Or, Happy First Day of Winter!  Either way, lets eat pancakes!  And, let me know if you use ingredients that you think I should try.

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