How to Calculate, and Interpret Your Numerology (basic)

In 1999, I worked at the Psychic Eye bookstore in La Jolla, California. I talked with customers, psychics, and coworkers.  I read books, played with divination cards, and Ouija boards. It was fun. Nothing was taboo. That’s when I started playing with numerology and have probably done over a hundred ‘readings’ since. Note, I feel like I need to come with a disclosure. This is all coming from me and my experience. It’s not official.  Anyway, here is how I do a basic life lesson.

Calculate Your Life Lesson:

1. List all the numbers in your birth date
example: February 18, 1979 is 0,2,1,8,1,9,7,9

2. Add the numbers together
example: 0+2+1+8+1+9+7+9 = 37

3. Add the digits from the sum in step 2
example: from 37 to 3+7 = 10

4. Add the digits from the sum in step 3
example: from 10 to 1+0 = 1

5. When you have one digit, that is your life lesson number
example: 1

Interpret Your Life Lesson Number:

Our life lesson is like a theme, something that keeps ending up in our lap.  It’s there when we’re distracted, or trying to avoid it; it’s there when we’re looking forward to it, and everything in between. Let’s let it be our friend.

1 Independence is listening to our intuition. Its having the courage to start something new and to ignite our creativity.

2 Balance Within Ourself is paying attention to every part of our being.  Its nurturing our spiritual evolution, our emotional wellbeing, and our physical vitality so the space we are living in is truly conducive to our authentic excellence.

3 Balance Between Ourself and Everything Else is noticing the self in all else and honoring our uniqueness.  Its connecting with the knowing that we are energy vibrating, and overlapping and delighting in, or laughing with, the many ways this energy is expressed.

4 Stability is resilience.  Its letting energy swirl around, over, under, and right past us.

5 Freedom is not being attached to any one outcome.  Its letting go of the grip of manipulation.  It’s truly accepting the is-ness of any moment and recommitting to our unique journey.

6 Family is loving each other, no matter what.  Its acknowledging the path of service and our need to contribute.

7 Solitude is attention to our spirit.  Its remembering the part of us that was once star-dust.  Its going within to rediscover what is infinite.

8 Power is mastery.  Its practice over, and over again.  Its passing on our tools when we don’t need them any more.  It’s the humility of sharing our gifts even as we realize that there is so much more to discover.

9 Selfless Compassion is empathy with respect.  Its honoring the individual paths we each have and sharing courage in our ability to respond.  Its remembering our shared cycles and really being present with ourselves, and all we witness.


Remember, this is fun.  Take it lightly.  And, please comment with your experiences.

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